Saturating I

The stars
When you’re not here
They’re not as starry or twinkling or radiant
When you’re not close
It’s as if the stars won’t dance
When I can’t hold you
It turns the world saturated
When I’m with you

Could you be as broken as me, or even more
Or just tell me you know how it feels
So I don’t feel so lonely no more
It’s not that easy, it’s not that hard
It goes back and forth
I’m feeling scarred
I don’t know where I’m heading
Or what I want
I don’t know, I don’t care
I’ve kind of given up
It won’t end here, that at least I know
But I wish so much that sometimes I could show
What I feel or what I think
Without being afraid
Of what you would think


The song was slowly fading out
Is that what’s going on?
He’s not that sure anymore
His head is to worn
Screeching and muffled
Mouth behind scarves
The words being filtered out
Hairs stand out on his calves
What was that situation
He’s lost all sense of direction
Not sure, but if he could hug her one more time
He would.

Random thoughts

I am a rechargeable battery,
you’re electricity 

On the Tube

I fell in love on the tube once
I don’t know where that one angel is now
It just appeared, like out of nowhere
Walking down the platform
Shining in white clothes
Marble skin
The face of a god
Got on the tube and I stared
Trying to take it all in
Impossible, I was blinded
After one stop the light faded
And the angel was gone
I regret that I did not ask how it felt
To be an angel


If I could, I would
Do so much with you
Even the smallest things
Could be so fun to do
Playing tag around the clothes 
Hung out to dry
Running out together
When the sky starts to cry
Watching skies or watching stars
Watching people, from afar
If I could, I would
If I could, maybe I should?


Am I sleeping?


Am I floating?

A paper thin bubble gently envelops me

Every sound gently reverberating through it

Whispering hymns, cloud-like chanting

I ask myself were I am

I don’t know

What is this bubble?

It make me itch, it makes me tingle

Every fiber in my body resonates

The Suit

One - two - three - four
Listen to my heartbeat roar
Five - six - seven - eight
Hold my hand, I’m scared of heights
Nine - ten, knave and queen
Keep me awake at night, like caffeine
Oh, the king, master of the court
You’ve caught me and my my mind you start to contort
"Show me your cards." I dare to smile
But none is my
Eight of hearts
Yet you vile
Yet you vile
Creature, you fake a smile
"The eight of hearts is up my sleeve"
No, you will never
Let me leave


Through the rain
Through a thick wet veil of water
I see you face
Your pearly skin I reach after
But then you turn
Turn and run away
I feel my heart burn
And I whisper what I meant to say
To you

I’ve been chasing you for some time
You keep disappearing I’ve reached the end of my line
Drive me sad, drive me mad
In the end you’ll be the lonely one
Left alone

Through your chest
Through your dying rotting chest
I hear your heart
As though it was a lie
I try to seize
But you close all the doors
You push me down
I feel like I mean nothing anymore
To you

I’ve been holding on to you
But I can’t see what you aim to do
Drive me sad, drive me mad
In the end you’ll be the lonely one
Left alone

… But Behind the Curtains

I’ve got your eyes, got your eyes
Got your pretty little eyes
And you can’t take them of off me

I’ve got your lips, got your lips
Got your ruby red lips
And they’re closing in on me

For every touch
Every look
Every breath I take
I love the skip 
My heart tries to make
Ever breath
Every beat
Every moment with you
I get more entagled
Than I ever wanted too

You keep me in a box
On the basement floor
Locked behind
A great wooden door
I thought you we’re mine
Every time I looked
But too me 
I was just a rook